Logiciels pour MiniTiounerPro utilisant les 2 tuners ou démodulateurs du NIM FTS434/4335
Software for MiniTiounerPro using the 2tuners or demodulators of NIM FTS4334/4335

Re: Scanandtioue

Postby DL8SDQ » Sun 23 Aug 2020 10:59

Hello now it seem to work.

Jean-Pierre you are right with the Multicast address range of -

Some reserved Ranges are : all Multicast-Systems all Router all DHCP-Server/Relays

So I tried different setting as I do not have a router in my system only a switch
I used now at the end.


I set the VLC Player to:


With this setting it works.

The other thing I mentioned was the .255 for UDP this is excepted by any device in the subnet as Multicast locally.
So in my case a UDP to address will be accepted by all devices. Now other information must be check if a device should respond to that UDP packet.

So we might talk also about different things.

73. Jürgen, DL8SDQ
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