Modulateur DVB embarqué sur le plutosdr. Embedded dvb modulator on plutosdr.

Pluto brings different RF power with different symbol rates

Postby DL3RY » Mon 12 Feb 2024 13:12


my Pluto delivers on DATV >= 1000MSymb/s about 0,6mW, between 500 and 66MSymb/s about 0,15mW and with <= 35MSymb/s only about 0,08mW output power.

Is this normal?

Is this FW-controlled (currently F5OEO 0303)?

Is this SW-controlled by DATV-Easy (currently 2.17)?

Ist it possible to control output power of Pluto with Linux commands? Because 0,6mW are a bit away from 0dBm which is specified for the Pluto.

I really recognized this about 2 weeks ago and I think that output power was nearly the same for every symbol rate. And I'm not aware what I have changed.

I tried with different FW, with different Plutos and with different PCs, results are nearly the same.

Has anybody an idea or better a solution? Every comment is highly appreciated.

Vy73 de Achim, DL3RY
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