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Problem with Minitioune_v0_9beta8_9

Postby ik8ozv » Tue 24 Dec 2019 18:33

it is a while that i am using this program with the MinitounerPro2.
I am noticing that if i have connected another Device in a USB port ( in my case a RigExpert Standard ), the Minitioune
program gives me error when i run it,. I get the error HARD.ARE INCOMPATIBLE, WE QUIT.
Viceversa if i disconnect the RigExpert Standard before to run the program, then the program runs with non problems.
Is there anything to do to avoid to disconnect and reconnect the RigExpert Standard???
MinitunerPro2, NIM: FTS4334; Parabole 100cm Offset, LNB Octagon Green.
PC= I9 / Win10-64bits.
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