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Codec Advice Please

PostPosted: Thu 15 Aug 2019 08:28
by g4nrt
I have recently installed a new Windows 10 computer. MiniTioune was working fine on the old one. I have both a Minitiuoner v2 and a DATV MiniTiouner Express. They are both exhibiting the same behaviour.

When I run the "Test My MiniTiouner Version 2.0a" application, I get green lights on both the I2C Master init (NIM) and Tast NIM button and my I2C performance is at 81%.

When I run the "Check Minitioune Driver and Filters v0.5" application, I get all green lights BUT I never see the rotating test card in the black window. I have tried both the "Play Mpeg2+Mpa" and "Play H264+AAC" buttons and they both give me green lights but no picture. I have tried re-installing the LAV Drivers (v0.74.1) but I still see the same. All the green lights come on but the black window remains black!

If I try to run the MiniTiouner software (v0.9beta8.9) I can see green lights indicating that it is receiving signals from my Portsdown LimeSDR Mini in Ugly mode but I see the "No Video or bad codec/PID" message in the grey window.

I had followed the Read Me file to install, HOWEVER: When I go to GraphStudioNext and select Graph > Insert Filter I see a very, very long list of filters. Which ones should I be looking for? All of the DMO filters are green (I do not know whether that is good or bad!). If I select Video Compressors, I see some in green with a red (!) and some in black - what does that mean?

I should add that, in my Minitioune Folder on my desktop (where the application and supporting files live) there are two *.TS files. If I double click on either of these they were opening in Windows 10 "Films & TV" application and playing (with suitable animation). One (F6DZP_TEST.TS) is the F6DZP test card and the other H264AAC.ts) is the BATC logo with rotating CQs. I uninstalled the "Films and TV" application and these two files now open (from the desktop) in Windows Media Player and play correctly.

I tried plugging the hardware into my old Windows 10 PC and it works correctly.

Please advise what I need to do next!

Thank you and very 73,

David G4NRT

Re: Codec Advice Please

PostPosted: Sat 24 Aug 2019 14:52
by g4nrt
The problem is resolved. I have a Plugable DL-6950 USB-C to Dual HDMI display adapter. This uses the DisplayLink drivers and it seems that the MiniTIoune software is unable to render video on these displays. I moved my displays around to different ports and found that the display attached to the in-built HDMI on my Intel NUC7i7BNH computer will display video correctly.

David G4NRT

Re: Codec Advice Please

PostPosted: Sun 25 Aug 2019 05:11
by F6DZP

Yes, the use of secondary monitor with Win10 make the Directshow video renderer not working. This is true not only with Minitioune but also with all software that use Directshow technology.
I have found a solution to fix this using Win7 but not yet for Win10. There are many post on the Web on this subject (video not working on a secondary/auxiliary monitor).

Jean-Pierre F6DZP