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Minitioune V0.9beta7

Postby F6DZP » Fri 29 Mar 2019 17:35


Minitioune v0.9 will be released in few hours in Beta version.
That means that it has not been completely tested and supposed to work only using MiniTiounerPro or MiniTiounerV2_BATC using NIM Serit FTS433x
(These 2 kinds of hardware are completely compatible with my development and will be able to receive 2 channels at same time , so I work firstly for them)

tests an adaptation to others NIMs or MiniTiouners will be made later, when I have time.

You can test it and send me your remarks for the ultimate release.

First visit:
Expert Mode
MinitiuneV0.9 receiving Beacon Expert mode.jpg
MinitiuneV0.9 receiving Beacon Expert mode.jpg (404.95 KiB) Viewed 14063 times

Standard Mode
MinitiuneV0.9 receiving Beacon standard 16_9 mode.jpg
MinitiuneV0.9 receiving Beacon standard 16_9 mode.jpg (294.66 KiB) Viewed 14063 times

What is new?

MinitiuneV0.9 Expert mode new features.jpg
MinitiuneV0.9 Expert mode new features.jpg (412.35 KiB) Viewed 14063 times

We can ask now Minitioune using a command line with a parameter : the minitiouneConfig.ini you want to use.
That allows to run Minitioune using a configuration for DX, 437MHz, 1255MHZ ... and using another configuration for Oscar 100
I have create different Icon shortcuts on my PC with a link like : "C:\Users\F6DZP\Documents\Minitioune\MiniTioune_V0_9beta7.exe" "minitiouneConfig_QO100.ini"

There are now 10 Symbol Rate preset buttons and 10 Frequency Preset buttons.
we indicate their contents in the minitiouneConfig.ini file
These buttons now contain more complete information:

about frequency we will write:

; Standard Satellite LNB offset

We see that we can set now : the frequency to receive, the frequency of the LNB or the LO of a converter, the text written on the button, (as before)
-If there is a Doppler effect on this frequency (for the ISS or very sluggable LNB type DRO)
-which F plug is used
-If we send 13v or 18v
-if we start the 22 kHz
and this for each frequency button;

No need to give any indication in DVB-S2. The software detects the dVB-S2 settings in the header at the first lock and therefore uses these settings to continue the demodulator's work.
In DVB-S we have the choice between all the FEC, or only one (which saves a lot of time in DX mode)

-There is now a Wide scan mode for Symbol Rate. Very convenient for Oscar 100. You see a station on the spectrum but do not know exactly the SR. You choose SR250, with this setting in wide scan mode => you can also receive all SRs between 250 +/- 50% , so from SR125 to SR375.
- Low SR mode : among other things, it allows to go down the SR mini at 32 kS/s with the NIMs SERIT FTS433x

- LNA gain: when your signal will be too strong at the entrance of the NIM, an icon :( will be displayed.
Attention, this can come from a frequency very far from the one you want to receive, the LNA is broadband and the Pass Band Filter is next in the chip tuner.
So I put this icon to warn of an anomaly.

Next to the SEARCH button we see here a flag, it means that the software has memorized all the parameters of the PLL derotator and if you lose the signal in the QSB, we will find it very quickly without doing a scan = SUPER for the DX. It also means that on Oscar 100 if you are receiving a station, a more QRO station starts next to it without attracting the derotator as it could happen with the previous version.


The management of the derotator is simplified. You see the derotator navigating around the requested frequency (blue line). The requested frequency is displayed. After locking, the found frequency is displayed.
If you are a little off (frequency found different frequency requested) and are sure of the requested frequency, you update the offset (Adapt offset) of your LNB that could derive, but if you think that it is the frequency of your correspondent who is different , you can update it. (Copy Freq found),

For me it's very convenient: the morning I start on the tag of Oscar 100 and immediately locked I made "Adapt Offset", as I corrected the frequency of my LNB for the morning temperature. I can then have the exact frequency of the other stations.

Now you can order Minitioune from external software / external computer. It suffices to send by UDP a message with the 10 frequency ,SR,... informations and Minitioune is commanded from the outside. If you can write lines of code in any language, you can develop your own command software.
These orders received from the outside can be executed when you click on "Apply" or automatically if the auto button (of External Request) is checked. This button can be checked by default by indicating it in the minitiouneConfig.ini file


In DVB-S2 a lot of information is now indicated.
Viterbi and Reed Solomon corrections of DVB-S are replaced by LCH and BCH corrections.
In addition to the % error, you have the number of LDPC corrections and the number of BCH corrections.
The FEC and modulation mode is displayed well before the TS LEDs turn green (and they will not necessarily turn green)
In our example the FEC is 2/3 the QPSK modulation then the L means Long Frame and the P means with PIlot the 20 tells us that the Roll Off is 20%
From this, using the official table of DVB-S2 standards I can indicate the minimum C/N to be able to receive and decode.
This makes it possible to understand (and not get upset when the leds TS remain red) why we do not decode a station having a 4dB of MER while the FEC chosen by the station requires a MER of 6dB
the letter D4 indicates the most important piece of information: the margin I have to receive, the difference between the MER I have and the MER needed. here 4dB difference so D4
D as Difference, D as Digital
D4 is my report to the correspondent

in other words:
The value D1 is the difference between the MER you have in reception and the MER needed to receive which depends on the FEC and the modulation chosen.

If you get a station with a MER of 4 and you need a MER minimum of 3 to receive it (because of the FEC and the modul chosen), the difference is 1dB that I write D1, you have 1 dB of margin
If you get a station with a MER of 4 and you need a MER minimum of 1 to receive it (because of the FEC and the modul chosen), the difference is 3dB that I write D3, you have 3dB of margin
If you get a station with a MER of 4 and you need a MER of 6 dB to receive it (because of the FEC and the modul chosen), well you will try everything you will not receive / decode it. It is necessary that the correspondent increases its power, or that it changes of FEC or type of modulation (take the QPSK if it used 8PSK)

So as it does not help much to say that we receive with a MER of 4 because the final result also depends on the FEC and the type of modulation, the real information is the number D2 or D3 etc.

When you say that you get D0 is that you will receive at the bottom of the packs and that you can have cuts. If you get D4 you are super comfortable etc ..

The denomination Dn is going to be super practical to really know how one receives and especially if one can receive.

I saw too often people who had the 3 LEDs on the left, who received with a MER of 4 and yet did not have the LEDs turned on, simply because the FEC of the correspondent required a MER of 5 or 6.
Similarly for some FEC (1/4 or 1/3 for example) a negative value is sufficient, so we can receive and decode D1 with a negative MER higher than the MER even more negative necessary to receive.

D0, D1, .... D15 etc will be the way to pass a significant report in DATV

So much for the first information.

Good tests with this version BETA I repeat. But as there are impatient, I propose before the final version. Any observation or detection of defects will be welcome.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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Re: Minitioune V0.9beta

Postby M5TXJ » Fri 29 Mar 2019 22:43


This latest release looks fantastic, I look forward to exploring its features over the next few days.

Thank you very much for all your work.

73 Dave.
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Re: Minitioune V0.9beta

Postby on4bhm » Sat 30 Mar 2019 07:59

where can i download?

i can't see a link ...
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Re: Minitioune V0.9beta

Postby G3YJZ » Sat 30 Mar 2019 09:22

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Re: Minitioune V0.9beta

Postby m1cdq » Sat 30 Mar 2019 10:02

looks good.
though I would like to be able to save photo or TS recording do a different location
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Re: Minitioune V0.9beta

Postby ON4AAH » Sun 31 Mar 2019 15:29

The minitioune software version beta v0.9 works great on my minitiouner hardware version 1 with eardatek, no more breaks on the beacon,
receive with 1m dish, thanks.
73's ON4AAH
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Re: Minitioune V0.9beta

Postby M0NRD » Mon 1 Apr 2019 10:31

Great work Jean-Pierre

Just a quick question, commanding it via the UDP is very appealing - is there any more information about the format of the command and the order of information needed? tried sending a few things but giving odd results.

Andrew M0NRD
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Re: Minitioune V0.9beta

Postby F6DZP » Mon 1 Apr 2019 13:07

Hello Andrew,

You must send via UDP a message that send 11 sentences/parameters separated by a comma, as do the example I have ???? given (?????????????)
first parameter must be [GlobalMsg]

Oups I just discover that I have forgotten to give an example of software:
here it is:
(986.65 KiB) Downloaded 736 times

I will add it in the next package.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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Re: Minitioune V0.9beta

Postby M0NRD » Tue 2 Apr 2019 07:26

Thanks Jean-Pierre

Should be very useful for an automated receiver

73 Andrew M0NRD
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Re: Minitioune V0.9beta

Postby on4aol » Tue 2 Apr 2019 12:06

Like ON4AAH already wrote , the new version is also working with the old harrdware V1.
But i see a difference between ON4AAH screenshot and myself .
The new Dfactor is by ON4AAH in BLACK D3 and by me it's in RED.
Is there a meaning for different colors Jean Pierre ?

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