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MT with Samsung/Sharp tuner does not startup

Postby PE1CVJ » Wed 16 Jun 2021 13:34

Dear Jean-Pierre,

First of all I like to express my great appreciation for all the new functionality you've put again in this Beta version! Great job!!

When connecting to a Minitiouner-Express, Rev. B, it all works fine. When I however connecting to an old design Minitiouner containing Sharp/Samsung tuner, the application doesn't start properly and is hanging in the startup screen. It detects the MT hardware but the 5 sce waiting statement indicates the loading of V0.9 and that's it for an indefinite length of time. The old MT runs fine with the previous versions V0.9....

I expect it's caused by a missed link to the new situation hi! I haven't been able to (yet) check this cause by the old model MT or the specific tuner used... If necessary, I can arrange a test with an old model MT with Serit tuner.

My PC is running Windows 10Pro, latest updates and VLC 3.0.14 32bits.

Hope this is helpful feedback.

Kind regards,
Lex Peters
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73, Kind regards,

Lex Peters (PE1CVJ)
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Re: MT with Samsung/Sharp tuner does not startup

Postby F6DZP » Sun 20 Jun 2021 05:57

The last beta version has not been yet tested/adapted to Sharp/eardatek NIM tuner.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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