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[Feature request] New "Streamer" Video_mode...

Postby dl9sec » Tue 21 Jan 2020 20:03


I would request another Video_mode in MiniTioune with a minimum of elements, just for tuning and UDP streaming.

I am using a tablet (1920x1200) with dock and a second monitor (1280x1024) with MiniTioune which works so far.
Unfortunately MiniTioune is not very scalable, just via the Video_mode (ESC key) but with very strict properties, the windows is always (a bit) too big for all my resolutions. Additionally, it seems impoossible to run MiniTioune on the second monitor, it always jumps to the main screen.

So a good solution for me is to use MiniTioune in UDP streaming mode to a VLC window on my second monitor. In most cases i don't need all the gauges, the video screen and info graphs, just the tuning part and the little box in the lower right corner with the toggleswitches. These parts will not occupy nearly the whole screen and will fit into it.

So would it be possible to add such a new mode?

Thank you in advance.

73, Thorsten DL9SEC
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Re: [Feature request] New "Streamer" Video_mode...

Postby DL4OCH » Wed 22 Jan 2020 12:02

Portsdown can control Minitiouner and provide a UDP-stream for VLC.


Right now, we all have to wait for the next release since ages

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Re: [Feature request] New "Streamer" Video_mode...

Postby dl9sec » Wed 22 Jan 2020 15:45

Hi Wilm,

thanks for the reply and info.

But the Portsdown stuff is for ARM, not for x86, isn't it?
So this doesn't seem to be a real alternative...

73, Thorsten

(Maybe this thread should be moved to the "PROJECTS (English Section) by an admin...tnx)
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