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Minitiouner express

Postby on4bwi » Wed 14 Aug 2019 15:36

Hi I looking for F6DZP or someone else that can help me
I have a Minitiouner express sell from the USA and the new software beta version 0.9
Now I using this for receiving D ATV DVB-S2 on Oscar 100.
I using a 120 cm dish and a modificated LNB but al signals higher dan 250 kbs can I receive with my minitiouner.
But 250 and lower not I they're hams that Can receive all signals with the low megasymbol rates.
So have some question

1. Is there a differents between a minitiouner and a minitiouner express
2. Is there a differtens between a france and an amercian version of the minitiouner
3. are all symbolsrates DVB-S2 or as example 250 kbs DVB-S

Thanks for reading this and best regards

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Re: Minitiouner express of F6DZP

Postby F6DZP » Thu 15 Aug 2019 06:31

The MiniTiouner-Express is the exact copy of my schematic, the only "creation" of the author is how it produces the 1.1v and 2.3v.( very creative).
I have been obliged to help the author that did not understand how a MiniTiouner works, he has just made a copy of the schematic given on Vivadatv forum( Minitiouner and MiniTiounerPro) and has just removed the LNB power supply and others extensions.
So when I read on the documentation that they have "developed" the MiniTiouner-Express that make me smile.

Other thoughts:
The idea to put all components in a compact box is not a good idea( I think), because the whole thing get very hot and it is not a good thing for the components life and more noise can be found on the pcb lines.
there are more noise on I2C ( and perhaps elsewhere) and I2C performance is not so good as MiniTiounerPro where you get very often 100%.
So Minitioune will work more slowly. Look at the timing under the TS leds, with a MiniTiounerPro I get about 110ms with many computers and max of 180ms when I use a little Shuwi tablet or a PIPO (with Atom processor)
What is the value you get?
I cannot say more about the exact performance of this equipment as I don't want to waste more time with it.
Future version of Minitioune I am working"MiniTiounePro"(Minitioune with incorporated Spectrum Analyzer) and/or "DualTioune" (Dual Receiver)) will be no more compatible with the MiniTiouner-Express.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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Re: Minitiouner express of F6DZP

Postby on4bwi » Thu 15 Aug 2019 07:42

Ok Jean-Pierre fine and thx for answering on my question.
Now how can I pay by you a other minitiouer V2.3 that can decode also 250 and low kbs on Oscar-100 ??

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Re: Minitiouner express of F6DZP

Postby F6DZP » Thu 15 Aug 2019 10:58

Hi willy,

I sell nothing and had never got money from MiniTiouners or Minitioune software.

Your MiniTiouner-Express should receive also low SR. perhaps there is something bad in the hardware, but perhaps it comes from noise/jitter with your LNB, perhaps the LNB offset you have given to Minitioune is too far from truth...

the MiniTiounerpro V2 is sold by our French association REF. you can send a mail to administration:
For the total amount including shipping to your country, ask the service:
For non members, you can send the amount directly using Paypal to the account of REF ( .
Make sure that Paypal message contains the subject of the payment and the return address for the MinitiounerPro V2

73 Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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Re: Minitiouner express

Postby sm4ive » Sun 18 Aug 2019 05:50

I have had a Minitiouner express from USA it works on all signals NO problem at all, only thing thats not good it gets realy hot. Needs a coler :-) FAN
Have you adjusted skew on your LNB?
The only reason buying the Minitiouner V2 was for future sw functions
73 Lars SM4IVE
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