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Minitiouner Pro Minitioune v0.7b work fine V0.8S not work

MessagePosté: Mar 9 Oct 2018 06:30
de antares
Hi Jean-Pierre,
I build Minitiouner Pro it at Minitioune v0.7b work fine. I upgrade to 0.8S TestmyMinitiouner V2.0 show MiniTiouner Pro bad config. "We quit" I programming FT2232H EEPROM by NIM tuner. And test it Check MiniTiounerDriver And Filters PASS TestMyMinitiouner V2.0 also passed just I2C performance not good enough. MiniTioune V0.8S show NIM Serit FTS-4334L but could not lock up and I probe it no TS comes out.
I think V0.7b and V0.8s NIM I2C address shall be the same AS0=1 AS1=0 ->0xD2
EEPROM Product_Description MiniTiouner_Pro_TS2
Could you please help me to figure out where is the problem

best regards


Re: Minitiouner Pro Minitioune v0.7b work fine V0.8S not wo

MessagePosté: Jeu 11 Oct 2018 07:07
de F6DZP

I have already answered. It is too much complicated to find by mail, the best is to do a Teamviewer session.
Install Teamviewer and send me a direct mail for a schedule and I will check directly your installation.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP