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Graph on Win10

Messagede G4KLB » Jeu 15 Juin 2017 20:14

I had edited the newdecod.grf files to use the good LAV filters, but when I check them, I find they have changed back to the old ones.

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Re: Graph on Win10

Messagede F6DZP » Ven 16 Juin 2017 19:45

I don't understand if there is a question.
and I don't understand what you call "old ones".

Tutioune or minitioune load the beginning of the graph ( usrc and demultiplexer filters) and ask windows for finishing the graf using the codec installed on your computer.
Windows look at the codec filters installed on your PC and get the one that has the best "merit"

so no choice is done by minitioune, it is windows that choose.

If you want that your graph will use the LAV filters, you must set the preference to them.
to do that the best way under win7, Win8 and Win10, it is the use of "Win7DSFilter Tweaker_6.2"

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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Re: Graph on Win10

Messagede G4KLB » Sam 17 Juin 2017 07:40

Many thanks Jean-Pierre,

I had given the LAV filters a higher merit using GraphStudioNext but windows still used the Microsoft filters.
Win7DSFilter Tweaker_6.2 has allowed me to now select the LAV filters.

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