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Re: No Video installing MiniTioune_v0.4c on Win10

Messagede W6HHC » Mar 27 Déc 2016 21:52

As Jean-Pierre explained in his earlier posting, this approach helped me to see video with MiniTioune V0.4c on Win10. But MiniTioune was provided with Microsoft DVT decoding filters as shown below in Fig-01.
Fig-01 Newdecode-Mpeg2 graph using MS Video and audio filters as "provided" by the Win10 OS

The problem I saw with using the “Microsoft DTV/DVD video decoder” filters was the my video on MiniTioune was displaying very “jerky” …perhaps only 1 FPS because Windows had not chosen the LAV video decoder filter.

To fix this problem...I followed in the footsteps of F6DZP by "suggesting" that Win10 to use the better LAV filters instead of Microsoft filters. As shown in Fig-02, I suggested LAVfilters to Win10 by adding unconnected LAV decoders into the MiniiTioune GRAPH file called "decode Mpeg2.GRF".
Fig-02 The file called decode Mpeg2.GRF now has additional unconnected LAVfilters for video decode and audio decode as a "suggestion" to Win10.

Finally Minitioune built the desired Graph (NewDecode Mpeg2.grf) using the good LAV decoders as shown in Fig-03. My video was displayed very smoothly now on MiniTioune.
Fig-03 The Graph built by MiniTioune after I "suggested" LAVfilters to be used by Win10 OS.
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Re: No Video installing MiniTioune_v0.4c on Win10

Messagede F6DZP » Jeu 29 Déc 2016 08:48

Yes , a good idea. You suggest the decoders you wish to use, but you don't link them yourself.

The "normal" solution should be to set the MAx figure of Merit value to LAVfilters and tweak win10 to use it.
under winXP it is easy, under Win7 and Win8 I use Win7DS Filter Tweaker that do the job, under Win10 I don't remember ( win10 with "PIPO X8" has no Microsoft codec so it uses automatically LAV decoders)

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