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MiniTiouner data usage

Messagede G8XZD » Jeu 17 Nov 2016 11:56

Hello / Bonjour,

Does anyone have any rough figures on the amount of data MT uses when connected to the web just displaying the meters and graph.
Is there much extra overhead uploading a picture every three seconds?
The site in question has very little spare bw in the upwards directon.
73. Ian
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Re: MiniTiouner data usage

Messagede F6DZP » Sam 3 Déc 2016 08:01

If you look at the "web panel" :
WEB panel.jpg
WEB panel.jpg (48.69 Kio) Vu 3883 fois

you can see the lenth of the messages sent to the TiouneMonitor:
Web report.jpg
Web report.jpg (16.77 Kio) Vu 3883 fois

about 1400 bytes for the data ( RF level, MER, freq, SR ...) every 400 msec => 3500 bytes/sec => 28kbps

about 15000 bytes for a picture ==> every 3 sec => 5000 bytes/sec => 40 kbps

You can change the Timing to get 1 picture/sec

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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