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Searching for source for Serit NIM Tuner

Postby DL7BUR » Wed 17 Mar 2021 14:41

I am looking for a source where I can purchase the Serit FTS-4334LU Tuner / NIM. Currently it seems like the BATC shop, which requires a membership and which I will probably need to pay customs tax for.

I was very tempted to purchase the E-Tiouner from Wimo until I noticed that the Elad version uses a different Tuner (FTS-4334L) which only allows for 250 MHz minimum. I don't expect 2 meter band to be allowed to use for DATV in Germany any time soon, but I still want the extended receive range. (Makes IF usage easier).

So, where, except for the BATC shop can I find the FTS-4334LU Tuner for purchase? Was the LU version specifically created for the BATC?
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Re: Searching for source for Serit NIM Tuner

Postby F1YI » Wed 17 Mar 2021 15:02

the reference of the tuner is rather FTS-4334LV. I have not seen the LU reference on the Serit website.
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Re: Searching for source for Serit NIM Tuner

Postby F6DZP » Thu 18 Mar 2021 07:43


FTS-4334LU doesn't exist.

All MiniTiouners use the same schematic I have created in 2015 . only the power supply concept and PCB change.
The MiniTiouner V1 in 2015 used a Sharp or Eardatek NIM.

In september 2016 , My first prototype of the new MiniTiouner V2 used a Serit NIM FTS4335.(V or H)
In March 2017 the BATC used my schematic to propose the MiniTiouner V2 kit (
(We can see that, at this date, the NIM is a FTS4335)

Today, all MiniTiouners use a FTS4334L NIM (or FTS4335 for the first models built)
The FTS4334L was developed by Serit in March 2017 when I asked them to add a preamp (LNA) to the FTS4335. (L at the end of FTS4334 is for LNA)
This is the only difference. on both NIMs, the tuner chip is always a STV6120.
the last letter after FTS4334L can be V or H for Vertical or Horizontal implementation.
The tuner chip inside is a STV6120 ( dual tuner inside) that is given (on the datasheet) to work from 250MHz up to 2150 MHz
but , with MiniTioune software I can make work it from 144MHz up to 2450 MHz.

The MiniTiouner V2 kit from BATC was first sold with a FTS4335 and now with a FTS4334LV
The MiniTiouner-Pro (REF) can use a FTS4334LV (vertical) or a FTS4334LH (Horizontal)
The MiniTiouner-Pro (REF) is able to receive 2 stations at same time, using 2 USB plugs. (using DualTioune software)
The MiniTiouner-S uses a fTS4334LH

Today, one of the best is the MiniTiouner-S that you can buy directly to REF.
As do the MiniTiounerPro, the MiniTiouner-S can drive the 13v/18v voltage of 2 different LNB.

I have signed (with REF and F1TE) an agreement with the DARC to allow them to produce and sell MiniTiouner-S and MiniTiouner-Pro in the future.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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Re: Searching for source for Serit NIM Tuner

Postby DL7BUR » Mon 22 Mar 2021 17:15

Thank you Jean-Pierre, that finally explains a lot. So essentially it is an out of specification use of the same Tuner (chip) to achieve 144 MHz.
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