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Using tuner boards with third party applications

Messagede BlackForrest » Mar 16 Jan 2018 15:47

Is it possible to use the tutioune tuner board with programms like EBSpro,Crazyscan ,Smart Dvb etc?...
Btw... what is the max. bitrate of a TS which a FT2332 usb chip can send via usb?Cypress FX2 not better?
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Re: Using tuner boards with third party applications

Messagede F6DZP » Jeu 18 Jan 2018 07:07

Tutioune or now Minitioune is not developped for broadcast receiving. It is a tool designed for the Ham Radio community.
The first target was to develop a measurement tool (constellation in live during receiving etc..) some years before Crazyscan.

Yes, the MiniTiounerPro has great capacities with a professionnal NIM ( dual STVVGLNA + STV6120 + STV0910ADA) giving the possibility to receive 2 transponders at same time, 16APSK, 32APSK ... and can be use form receiving 4K TV transponders from broadcast satellite, but it is not the target.

It is firstly a DATV (Digital Amateur TV) tool, we HAmradio operators are using low symbol rate (max SR4000 MS/s) and the development was made also to extend the possibility to receive very low symbol rate like 75kS/s DVB-S or DVB-S2 signal.
So this is the opposite of what you are asking.

FT2232H can transmit up to 80 Mb/sec. It is enough for us.(too much). (I have tested broadcast stations at SR30MS/s without problem)
( look at where I show that I can receive 4K TV from a satellite)

EBSpro, Crazyscan ,Smart Dvb etc? are software that use the BDA driver given with the card. These drivers are not optimized for very low symbol rate.
If you use a Technotrend card TT S2-1600 with the BDA driver you will go down to about 600 or 800 kS/s, if you use my own diver inside Tutioune you can receive 120kS/s

So, for DATV, the choice is to not use a BDA driver but my own driver, the result is that we cannot use EBSpro,Crazyscan ,Smart Dvb etc
With the TT S2-1600 you can change the driver and use the BDA driver for EBSpro,Crazyscan ,Smart Dvb etc
or go back to Tutioune that doesn't use the BDA driver ( I have said why)

With the MiniTiouner (BATC kit...Home brewed...) or the MiniTiouner-Pro (sold by REF) using the FT2232H, I have not developed the BDA driver because we (HamRadio) don't have any use of it.
So the Minitioune software has it's own driver inside and we can enjoy DATV down to SR 70 kS/s and see constellations MER, RF level in real time and also look at the derotator searching to lock on the signal, that is also a great tool for us.

Minitioune is also used for receiving the HamTV signal from the ISS, there is a specific setup for that inside Minitioune or Tutioune.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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Re: Using tuner boards with third party applications

Messagede F6DZP » Ven 19 Jan 2018 07:04

Something that is also very important for us:
we have the possibility to send in real time all measurement to the Tioune Monitor

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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