CQ-DATV 12 out now

Postby G8CJS » Sat 31 May 2014 09:43

CQ-DATV 12 our free ATV magazine is now available for download from http://www.cq-datv.mobi/ebooks.php.
You can download either a PDF file or one of several eBook formats
In CQ-DATV 12 is :-

EditorialDATVtalk09 DigitalATV Understanding DVBT Protocol
Lidl bike stand
New DATV Repeater in Australia
Making Prototype Printed Circuit Boards
Digital World Part 5
Project – April update report on MAX7456 Callsign & Simple Caption OSD Module
A simple 10GHz power amplifier for beginners
Linearity in an Analogue world
Coming up in CQ-DATV
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